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Reopening your business during COVID-19 Level 4

I don’t know about you but I am disappointed in the level 4 opening of the economy. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the thinking and statistic behind the decision and fully support our Government who has never managed any disaster of this magnitude before. I am disappointed as I thought we will have more freedom in level 4. So what do we do with a disappointment …… we turn it around into an opportunity for change, be it a personal internal change or a change in the world around you.

Internal change - I made a decision that this disappointment will not destroy my future which is in my hands!

Change my world – I have been busy assisting companies to open their doors legally, safely and keeping everybody healthy. I updated the COVID-19 Post Lockdown Preparedness Plan with the latest directives and changes associated with level 4. Clients who have purchased the plan can request a new version free from Please send us proof of purchase as well. Then we have developed a plan for small businesses, less than 10 employees which is an easy guide to follow. You can purchase and download these plans from our online store, COVID-19 Reopening Business Plan (less than 10 employees) or the COVID-19 Post Lockdown Preparedness Plan. We have limited the cost of our plans to R79.95 to assist businesses during this time.

Lets focus on the benefits from this uncomfortable, unsure and frightening day. As with any disaster in history we have seen the human race standing up and using the experience for a new way of life. I challenge you to list only 5 things you see around you which is better than before.

My 5 benefits from the COVID-19 experience:

  1. Peoples focus and priorities have changed and we are now focused on the things that really matters in life like family, relationships, love, caring for those in our communities.

  2. We have seen that our Government has redirected resources from departmental silo’s to hospitals, now schools and all the areas which we have been complaining about in the past.

  3. We have seen how Government have stepped-up and have collaborated with industry and the public in the process.

  4. We have seen how technology which has been available but not used and additional applications have been developed, and are now fully utilized to assist in operations.

  5. We have seen how people unite and support each other in many different ways restoring the nation’s faith in each other.

Together we are changing and shaping our beautiful country for a glorious tomorrow – I believe the sufferings of today does not compare to the Glory we are about to see tomorrow.

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