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Elint Training Courses

We can develop and provide SAIOSH CPD verification for your internal training and skills development needs.

Elint has an Asbestos training course verified by SAIOSH with 2 CPD points which can be accessed via our training website: . The course is available online and can be completed and a certificate issued once completed.

We offer the same service for your internal training courses. Elint just completed specific HCS training packages for the Chemtoll and the City of Cape Town. The internal course have been verified by SAIOSH with 2 CPD points.

Our customer have the choice to to work online via our website or use the courses on their own platforms.

If you have any internal training requirements please let us know. Our team is competent to assist you with course material writing, assessing and moderation.

For more information please contact Elint:

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