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Online Health and Safety File

Elint Smart Software provides an online health and safety file and the management of the compliance thereof. The health and safety file is a construction regulations requirement. Most companies see the value of the health and safety file and implement a similar requirement to manage contractors.

The health and safety is automated, authentic and accessible through any smart phone, table or laptop.

Benefits of using the Elint Smart Software solution for your health and safety file are:

  1. No printing required – save the trees

  2. No hardcopy file to manage – we all know the files gets damaged, lost and is not secure on site.

  3. Access to client/agent/principal contractor possible – the parties always have access to the file and can track compliance with you. They may download the file for own records

  4. Dashboards track compliance

  5. Users are reminded of a task / register / checklist which need to be completed to ensure record keeping is up to date

  6. Real time information – all checklists, incidents logged, tasks raised are immediately available to all

  7. Action from site meetings captured as tasks & assigned immediately with due dates. Reminders are automated and failures escalated.

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