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Smart Modules

Real Time Risk

Real-time Risk Analysis


Risk Analysis is the assessment of all hazards and risks (Health & Safety), aspects and impacts (Environmental), and causes and effects (Business & Quality) that may have an adverse effect on  your business.


It assists management in creating the necessary controls associated with the risks, impacts and effects that may have a detrimental impact on business, people, the environment and to identify improvement opportunities.

The smart calculator determines where your greatest areas of concern are. Elint’s risk calculator is derived from a matrix that looks at the likelihood and probability of a risk or impact occurring and what the effect and consequence the incident may have on people, the environment and your business as a whole.

The Risk Analysis methodology is not limited to a specific methodology and can be adjusted to accommodate almost any methodology. The risk register shows the base line as well as the residual ratings, the controls associated with the activity and the opportunities which may be identified when assessing the risk, impact or effect.

Compiance Auditing Checlists

Compliance Management System (CMS)


Your real-time window into the mind of your business. Reduces your company’s risk profile by providing monthly, quarterly compliance reports and a yearly audit.

No more unknown compliance issues. paperwork and time consuming data assimilation.

Monitoring Portal

Monitoring Portal


The Elint smart Monitoring Portal is used to complete Monitoring Tasks and post your monitoring results into one database for easy access. Manage and track performance with simple graphs and alerts. 


The Portal comprises of a complete Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution with Monitoring, Management, Compliance and Teamwork Collaboration capabilities. What exactly does that mean? We deliver real-time visual insights of results and management commitments, ensuring that you have the quality data needed to make the best, most accurate decisions. 


The Portal eliminates error and solves issues faster via a proven process, which allows you to:

• Input monitoring results into one database for consolidation

• Complete monitoring tasks

• Issue alerts based on tailored settings per user

• Trigger emails notifying of any non-compliant measure, so it can be dealt with faster.

Task Manager

Task Manager

Task Manager2.jpg

Places all your operational tasks into one easy access point with alerts and close outs assigned to personnel of your choice.


With Elint Task Manager you can streamline your entire organisation with centralised resource scheduling, making your life simpler and your business more controlled.

Get instant alerts. No business is the same,

we will tailor-make it to suit your needs.

• Task management with flexible rules

• Alerts issued based on tailored settings for each User

• Full collaboration with team members




The Checklist module is available on a mobile device as well as on your desktop / laptop. This enables the auditor to use the checklist whilst doing site audits.




Elint is your internal auditor holding your business accountable for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Continual improvement

Continual Improvement


The Elint Continual Improvement Module allows for full integration

through managing any non-conformances including incidents, audit findings, complaints, rectifying actions, conducting route cause analysis and assigning tasks and close out dates.


This means you’ll have access to anytime and anywhere reporting of non-conformances and the allocating of rectifying tasks, resources and people.

Know what’s happening, when it happens, solve it faster.

Work smarter with a few clicks:

• Enter non-conformances easily with detailed comments

• Allocate required improvement

• Continuously track progress

Our user-friendly format maximizes efficiency by allowing you to:

• Import non-conformances and report on progress

• Provide self-service for status reports

• Attach progress reports electronically

Document Control

Document Control


Provides a one-stop portal for storing all compliance documentation and records including; legislation, standards, operational policies and procedures.

Get all your people working smartly for more effective outcomes.

This works as a secure cloud storage and back up for all documents in

your business. By using the Document Portal effectively you guard against damage to important paperwork and losing essential business information and ensuring the latest version is always in use.

With easy, systematic access you move away from the clumsy, manual

practices of the past and ultimately a greener business. Get all your people working smartly for more effective outcomes.


Elint software provides you with a safer environment and lowers business risk.


The Compliance Dashboard


Elint provides functionality for the users to easily customise own dashboards to depict the data in the different modules and assist with trend analysis.

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