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ISO 9001

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

I have seen over the last 20 years how the implementation of ISO9001 change the way organizations do business. Why is that? Well it is simple if you start to document your processes, you identify problem areas and understand your business better. ISO9001 which focus on quality has a direct impact on productivity and growth of an organization because it forces the organization to have an in-depth look at the way they do business.

I have reviewed the ISO9001:2015 standard to establish a list of mandatory documentation to make the implementation process easier. Also included in the list below is how Elint Smart Software can be applied to benefit your organization to ensure integration, continuity and sustainability of your management system.

The lists below are a split between Documents and Records. The difference between a document and a record is:

1. A document is proof of a specific procedure, policy act and can be reviewed and changed under controlled conditions.

2. A record is proof of completed documents to state a fact and cannot be changed e.g. completed checklists.

Take note: if a clause is excluded then the specific document and/or record would not be required.

My experience working with management systems is that organizations use documentation to ensure standardization and consistency within the business. The list of documents described below will guide the organization and assist to create the required mandatory records, however the procedure is not mandatory to be documented.

The following documents listed below maybe formulated in a procedure, however, should Elint Smart Software be implemented the system will manage these processes and records and therefore it is not necessary to duplicate as a documentation procedure.

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