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Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

There are mixed opinions regarding the integration of different systems in an organization. I have worked for organizations who managed disciplines separately with a direct line professional, driving the process and I have worked with organization who integrated systems and managed the process with a team. Both options have benefits and problems areas. However, as a professional in compliance and working with big, medium and small organizations, I have concluded that the best way forward in the current economy would be integration.

How did I come to this conclusion?

What can be integrated into one system?

I believe all management systems can be integrated into one Integrated Management System (IMS). This said I have found the financial systems should not be completely integrated as it can pose a risk to the business. We specialize in the following integrations:

  • ISO standards (e.g. ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 or OSHAS 18001)

  • Internal Corporate systems

  • Risk Management systems

  • Operational management systems

  • HR management systems (not specific to payments which would be part of financial systems)

  • Legal compliance requiring management systems (e.g. OHSA, Environmental regulations, SANS codes)

  • Customer requirements

Next step:

Once an organization has made the decision to implement an IMS it is critical to ensure the following:

1. Who is the team?

  • Ensure experts are part of the team.

  • Ensure the team has authority to implement changes.

  • Ensure the team is positive and can influence all levels within the organization.

  • Ensure all disciplines which would be integrated is represented by a team member.

2. Who will lead the team?

  • Choose a leader that can motivate and lead people.

  • Leader must have authority.

  • Leader must be strong in the discipline that the organization mostly desires to implement for example: if the focus is safety employ a safety specialist as leader or if the focus is environmental employ an environmental specialist or if the focus is customer service / product quality employee a quality specialist.

3. Decide if the IMS will be automated or manual. I highly recommend the IMS is automated for the following reasons:

  • Ensures transparency

  • Improve collaboration

  • Track performance

  • Reduce risk of failure of the IMS

  • Reduce hours following up and driving the system by a person

4. Select the best suitable and cost-effective software.

5. Ensure employees are trained.

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